Hello world…in the beginning!

So it’s September 2011 and I have decided to try blogging on wordpress.  I have used blogs before, mainly eblogger and myspace (in a bygone era) however during my travels I met lots of people using wordpress…and word on the street is….it rocks!!!  So here I am!

In the past I have used my blogs to share my adventures of far flung travels but I have decided to try something a little different on here.  I am going to use this blog as a way of documenting my journey into some of my passions but mainly that of my love of photography.  I am stepping out and learning new skills, putting myself in the path of opportunities and following my heart’s desire to be a little more creative.

I’m not a natural writer but I am hoping that my images, honesty and occasional humour will make for some interesting muses?  Who knows….but here goes…  Let the adventure begin…..and you are welcome to join me :)

So here’s a little image to get me started.  It is a collaboration of natural images designed to capture the vibrant colours, crisp textures and magnificence of autumn in Scotland.  I shot these images during a recent trip to Mull and a damp cool day’s stroll with my friend Elaine at Cortachy Castle in the Angus Glens. I just love crunching my way through the leaves as they swirl and lie in great heaps along the pathways…I think it may be my favourite season!


2 thoughts on “Hello world…in the beginning!

    • Thanks Allan, yeah it seems to be the way ahead….and it’s sure to test my virtue of patience :) I have linked it to twitter and facebook…all in advance of my website!!! one step at a time x

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