Saturday Sunshine, Silly Hats and Shadows…

Recently I have been working on developing my lifestyle photography skills, more specifically children’s portraits.  So I was delighted to have a spontaneous shoot last weekend that was a whole lot of fun!

Take a lazy brunch, an adorable 20 month old baby boy who is a master at baby led weaning, some great natural light, some silly hats for props, and a couple of favourite toys and you have recipe for success!  Well he and his mummy liked the results but you can decide for yourself….


10 thoughts on “Saturday Sunshine, Silly Hats and Shadows…

  1. Gosh, Jacqui – isn’t he the most beautiful baby in the whole world? (And made even more gorgeous with your photographic skills, obviously). Wherever did you find him? He must live with fabulous people to look so happy…!!!

    Seriously, great work xx

    • Haha Anne, he sure is! I couldn’t agree more…and of course, I hear he lives with 2 rather amazing people with a whole array of skills…writers, photographers, silly song singers, rice eating champions and altogether great people :) So next photoshoot with Simon….Bangladesh??? soon! x

    • Thanks Yvonne, Simon is super cute and has a gorgeous wee character which I think you can see. He just played happily and wasn’t phased by the camera at all.

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