Maddie’s tour of a magical garden!

So as I relaxed into my final shavasana I had no idea that only a couple of hours later I would have a impromptu photoshoot coming my way!

Meet Maddie…She and I met recently at a yoga retreat in Ross Priory in Loch Lomond, run by Suthesh and Sarah from SimpliYoga based in Edinburgh & Kinross. Whilst I had spent 3 wonderful days in backbends and headstands, Maddie and her family arrived on the Sunday to spend some time with her extended family and to celebrate her grandma’s birthday.

As the daughter of a keen photographer, Maddie is no stranger to the camera, however her dad had told me she had recently lost her passion for being at the end of the lens.  So it was a great surprise to see her little eyes light up when she heard I too was a keen photographer…and before I could change the lens we were off on a little adventure together!

Maddie and her family have visited Ross Priory for many years so as we headed out through the courtyard, I asked Maddie if she would take me to her favourite places in the beautiful gardens that surround the house.  So our first stop was the moon window in the walled garden!

Spring was most definitely in the air so we admired the snowdrops and listened to the birds chirp and chatter as we carried on our walk.  From the moon window I suggested to Maddie that we could have some fun around the beautiful Silver Birch trees…

At the centre of the walled garden is a beautiful sundial, another eye catching ornamental feature but also a great prop for adding interest to an image.  Here we capture Maddie’s favourite part of the garden in the background, and one of my favourites with the trees.

Next Maddie led me to the glass houses, filled with an array of tropical and native species.  Warm and cosy indoors Maddie pointed out her favourite plant…a tiny spiky cactus….sorry botanists…I didn’t quite catch the name but I did catch a relaxed and cheery shot of Maddie.

The springtime showers began to dance in the air as we ventured outside again so we had just enough time to head down to the waterside and capture an image I had been framing in my mind all weekend…beautiful as it is alone….

it’s so much prettier with Maddie in the frame!  What a wonderful mini adventure with a stunning young lady!  Thanks to Maddie for taking me to your favourite spots and thanks to Catherine and Barry for letting me borrow your daughter.

I am reminded how worthwhile it is to always carry my camera kit and I am becoming more and more inspired by children’s portraiture…which may not be surprising given my career history!

Whilst there are definite skills to working with children in a fun and relaxed way I find their bounce and enthusiasm for life just a joy to capture and feel privileged to share in some of their special moments.


6 thoughts on “Maddie’s tour of a magical garden!

  1. What a wonderful blog entry Jacqui and some stunning shots of this beautiful young girl…i am filling up as i read. I am perhaps a little biased…I am Maddy’s Mum :)

    • Thanks so much Catherine, I can understand your bias, Maddie was a joy to work with! Maybe I can catch Jessica the next time :) Thanks for looking in and I hope Maddie likes the blog too. Best wishes to you all!

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