Make way for summer – macro flower gallery

I recently took a trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh to work on some macro photography images.  I love flowers, I like them in a vase at home, I love them in the wild and I appreciate them in any garden….but a trip to the Botanics is always a treat!  I also really enjoy macro work and find that a number of the images can be manipulated in the post-production phase to create some beautiful wall art.  So it’s great to combine 2 or my great loves whilst getting some fresh air and exercise.  Here is one of my favourite images from my recent visit and a gallery of some of my favourite macro flower images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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8 thoughts on “Make way for summer – macro flower gallery

    • Thanks Morag….the one with the bee was taken in the grounds at Hillhouse Estate last week during my 2nd visit to the Quarry. The butterfly was taken whilst in Kerala, India. It’s a good time of year to capture images of bugs and wildlife on flowers…however it appears to be a little more difficult however to capture birds on piles of aggregate ;)

  1. . .as a non photographer, wonder if I’m authorised to comment, but like they say “I know what I like”, & “WOW” comes to mind, especially, as Morag says, the butterfly & insect.

    • Hi Maz, all comments are very welcome! Thanks for your encouragement and I am glad you like them. The butterfly is a favourite of mine too…I can feel some more wildlife photography posts coming soon :)

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