The bird, the fish, the tree and the bell…Glasgow!

Last weekend had me heading over to Glasgow to catch up with friends and celebrate another one of our 40th birthdays! After a fantastic night I headed into town on a cold, damp (okay positively soden!) and grey Sunday afternoon. I had arranged to catch up with John and Daisy whom I had met at a course earlier in the year. We had arranged to take a stroll with our cameras and amidst the pelting rain we decided to head up to the West end. I thought we could find some good locations in and around the University if the weather didn’t improve. Parked up, Subo was our starting point…for some green tea and a good catch up. John had brought along his new 70-200 f2.8 lens and I couldn’t wait to give it a whirl! What a lovely piece of kit! 90 minutes later and the weather gods were on our side as we stepped outside to a somewhat drier day…and the lifeless solid grey skies had made way to some…well…..big grey clouds! So we strolled along the leafy west end streets towards the Cottiers Theatre where we bumped into one of John’s friend and fellow photographer Martin. We meandered back along towards Byres Road clicking as we went. A quick skirt around one of the many vintage shops where Daisy showed off her uber cool taste whilst pointing out some of the retro gear on the rails…John captured a fantastic shot of one of the sales assistants. Then it was time to say our goodbyes and head off on our separate ways. All in all it was a cracking little afternoon….

A quick ride on the underground to my next destination…into the centre of town where I would meet up with an old school friend for dinner. We were meeting in the Merchant City, but I decided to hop off at Queen Street and wander down Buchanan Street, along Argyll street and into the Merchant’s City from this direction. I was keen to capture a few shots of people going about their day to day lives. On down towards the Merchant city. The diversity of this great city was clear for me to see as I moved from west to east on foot. The ornate and colourful lights of the department stores make way to the spot lights of the street markets…but these are colourful places too. Places full of energy and vibrancy and I loved just watching and clicking….many of the following shots were ‘shot from the hip’ on high ISO to avoid flash and to capture the moments and the people without distracting them. further still and the light changes again….to the warm and soothing colours of the Merchant City. There are so many parts of this city that I love…After a lovely meal and a great catch up with my old school friend John, it was time to make my way back home. One final opportunity to catch some night shots of this beautiful, vibrant and energetic city. And as I walked along past the Italian Centre, I spotted a moment. The Cruz boutique was being refurbished and there in the window was this young lad taking a break from painting – lost in his own world of mobile communication. I caught the image, showed it to him, he gave a wry smile before I was heading on my way again.Off the train, and headed for home on the night before the Harvest full moon. But the weather was clear so it was just too much of a temptation, so tripod up as I nestled into a quiet little spot off Dalry Road.

Here’s the result! I think it’s a pretty fitting end to a fantastic day in the city of the bird, the fish, the tree and the bell. The city’s motto…

Let Glasgow Flourish! And oh how she does :)


4 thoughts on “The bird, the fish, the tree and the bell…Glasgow!

  1. You make the ordinary Extraordinary! Love all the night shots. You made me want to go to Pairs … now I want to go to Glasgow!

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