Another sparkling city by night…Edinburgh

Thanks so much to everyone who looked in on my last blog post about Glasgow!  I am amazed to see people from around the world including Bahrain, Turkey and Nicaragua to name a few who stopped by.  You are very welcome and I hope you enjoy what you see.

So keeping with the theme of night photography here is another post about another sparkling city!

Monday night was Guy Fawkes night here in the UK and Edinburgh is a great place to live when you love fireworks.  So kitted out in my winter woolies with my head torch, camera, tripod and extra batteries I headed for Calton Hill which affords brilliant views over this beautiful city.  I had hoped to get good views of display from Meadowbank Stadium and even as far down the coast as Musselburgh.  I joined a stream of revellers on a dark, cool but mainly cloudless night….good conditions for the spectacle ahead.  I found a nice spot and set up.As it turned out I didn’t get too many shots that I liked.  Certainly nothing to compare to the shots that I had taken of the fireworks display to end the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival earlier in August. The ones I did catch were just from people setting off small ones from the top of the hill, with some pretty lovely backdrops around them.   Given that it was such a beautiful night, I decided to take a wander and just capture what I came across.  After many of the revellers had headed for warmer places I wandered down the hill and headed for Princes Street.  With very few people around I enjoyed walking from east to west along the road and taking in the sheer beauty of this amazing city.  The Scott’s monument is such an iconic architectural structure which is currently hosting a poignant memorial garden for all those who have lost their lives at war.  A sea of tiny crosses and red poppies surround it’s base.Further still and a few people leave the National Gallery of Scotland whilst even fewer people linger in the square.  It’s peaceful and I am reminded of the outstanding beauty of this city.  I think I see it even more beautifully in the dark!So as the last bus beckoned it was time to make my way along to the stop with just enough time to capture a few shots of another city icon.  I still have to pinch myself when I think that this is home…for now :)As always, I welcome your comments/critiques or even just a hi.  Many thanks, Jacqui x


8 thoughts on “Another sparkling city by night…Edinburgh

  1. stunning city! you capture it well at night even though it is still and quiet, your photos feel like they have real energy, great work. Jadie x

  2. So many great shots but you saved the best for last. This is a stunning picture of the castle! You capture on screen what is felt by the heart … our love for Edinburgh. Well done, Jacqui!

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