Starting 2013 with a bang….inside a Quarry!

Have you ever wondered how aggregates are formed or how concrete blocks are made?  Okay, I admit it….it’s not one of the first things that I think about either!  Well, that was until I was approached by the Managing Director of Hillhouse Quarry Group Limited on the west coast of Scotland.  Each year this whinstone Quarry produce their annual calendar and the MD had an idea of doing something a little different, possibly even unique in the industry.  So I was commissioned to capture a range of images that both portrayed the products in addition to the process and production of the materials.  It was possibly one of the most unusual but interesting assignments yet.  I was more than a little bit excited…well who wouldn’t be, right?  I mean, getting to wear a hard hat and high viz jacket, having unrestricted access to the quarry, the most enthusiastic and knowledgable site manager to drive me around in a 4×4 (and educate me in all things aggregate!), an incredibly accommodating workforce, working in close proximity too 6 tons of explosive matter and the chance to step inside a 50 ton truck with wheels twice my height.  I mean honestly, the tomboy in me was in heaven!  It was like having a VIP backstage pass to…well a Quarry!  It was a truly brilliant experience and I hope the images below give you a tiny flavour of my assignment.

So dear readers as 2013 gets off to an explosive start wonder no more!  Here’s what goes into making aggregates and those concrete blocks!

HHQ blog -30HHQ blog -36HHQ portrait shots-9HHQ blog -34untitled-1-2

2013-01-20_001HHQ blog -12HHQ blog -40HHQ blog -41HHQ blog -42HHQ blog -43HHQ blog -44HHQ blog -46HHQ blog -47HHQ blog -49HHQ blog -22HHQ portrait shots-6HHQ blog -2HHQ portrait shots-7HHQ blog -53HHQ blog -17HHQ blog -13HHQ blog -54untitled-2HHQ blog -9HHQ blog -5HHQ blog -6HHQ blog -72013-01-20_006HHQ blog -1HHQ blog -25HHQ blog -38HHQ blog -39HHQ blog -50

Above – the final products in 20mm, 14mm, 10mm, 6mm, mm and dust.   And below are a few more unexpected images that you might not imagine you would come across on site.  I end them with a favourite one of mine :)  I don’t think I would tire of sitting on that chair…as it’s in perfect situ for taking in the views of some rather spectacular resident wildlife!

HHQ blog -37HHQ portrait shots-32013-01-20_004HHQ portrait shots-5

If you would like to talk to me about a similar type of commission please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at


9 thoughts on “Starting 2013 with a bang….inside a Quarry!

  1. Brilliant Jacqui. How do you make grey appear so vibrant?! Also love the contrast with the flowers/birds against the Quarry. Great job…as always! xx

    • Ha, thanks Sylvia…that was part of the brief too…to show the colourful side of the quarry :) It was such an enjoyable project! Look forward to catching up soon, Jacqui

  2. There are some really smashing shots there Jacqui – I love the unusual angles you got and the incidental little things like the weeds. Well done.

  3. . . these were fascinating Jacqui. Loved the force of nature with the dandelion and butterfly. Didn’t realise a quarry visit could be so beautifully photographed.

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