Personal Post…A wander down the waterway

Ahem…February….what, sorry did I miss something??? Like a whole month! I am sure it’s an age thing! Well it’s a year ago this weekend that I officially moved to Edinburgh, what a magical milestone! It’s been a full on year and I have never looked back on my move. So here’s a little post to celebrate :)

I awake to the most beautiful morning. I have a decision to make. I have been planning to see Les Miserables since it started screening but it’s so beautiful outside and the light is so sweet. So what’s a girl to do? Easy…there was never really any contest! So I pack up my camera and my new 70-200L lens and go for a wander to what has become one of my favourite parts of this vibrant city. Welcome to my wander along our wondrous waterway….the Union Canal. Here’s a little snippet of what my eyes feasted upon today! It’s amazing what you see when you are really looking….

Well you know Scotland, there will always be a grey and rainy day here in Edinburgh that I can take in Les Mis! Happy Groundhog Day all (go on, google it ;) x

Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-14Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-1Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-2

ah contented bliss!

Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-3

well sometimes! “Mildred….MILDRED…yeeeeessss dear?..”

Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-4

gee…sometimes a girl just needs a little space!

Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-6

Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-7

and then she remembers that paddling the canal side by side is where she wants to be :) ah contented bliss <3

Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-12Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-102013-02-02_003Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-15Canal walk portraits LR-1Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-18Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-19Canal walk portraits LR-2Canal walk 2 Feb 2013-202013-02-02_0022013-02-02_001Canal walk portraits LR-3


9 thoughts on “Personal Post…A wander down the waterway

  1. Hi Jacqueline

    How are you? Kindest Heather

    Heather Suttie 07902 421 411 @blondiheatherX

    Sent from my intergalactic device.

    • Thanks Martin, I think I will head back a few times and capture a few more shots of this ever changing art….I might even fill in some of the blanks myself :) It’s pretty cool, JD

  2. Hey JD – lovely shots. how are you finding the 70-200? Arms like Popeye yet? :)
    Kep up the good work.

    • Howdy JD, I am loving the 70-200. It’s the canon f/4 so not quite popeye yet :) Hope things are working out your end too. Think it must be time to throw around some dates for you, me and Martin to shoot some shots together? Will need to be into Mid March for me as next 6 weeks madly busy (in a good way :) best, JD

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