Sun’s up in Spain – Part 1

As the winter lingers for months in Scotland it pretty much heralds short grey days and long, cold winter nights.  So with a serious lack of daylight hours and pining for some warmth I decided to hop on board a plane and head for a touch of winter sunshine!  Well that was the hope anyway…and I wasn’t disappointed.  It was my very first time in mainland Spain and whilst I only managed to explore a tiny corner of it (I did go over it with a fine tooth comb ;) I am looking forward to returning to experience a whole lot more of Spain in the future.  My base for the week was just inland of Guardamar with beautiful views over the local citrus groves and Torrevieja’s Las Salinas (salt lakes) shimmering in the distance.  The region in and around Torrevieja has been voted by the World Health Organisation as one of the healthiest places in the world to live. The stunning Crevillente mountain range helps to create the areas unique micro climate.  So it’s not a bad place to be spending a week then :)

As with my images from Paris, I have decided to take sunrise to full moon approach and I have split the blog into a few parts as there are images from different areas.  I hope you enjoy a little trip down the Spanish coastline through my lens.  As always, please do feel free to leave comments.  But now it’s time for sunrise in Spain.

2013-03-24_093sunrise from my bedroom balcony…2013-03-24_0902013-03-24_0462013-03-24_0422013-03-24_0442013-03-24_0032013-03-24_1012013-03-24_0042013-03-24_0712013-03-24_001The salt lakes of Torrevieja where I wasn’t lucky enough to see the flamingoes but I did have an up close and personal encounter with the little furry guy below who was pretty used to human company by all accounts.  2013-03-24_0322013-03-24_0062013-03-24_034Las Salinas – where the salt is extracted from and the processing plants below.2013-03-24_0332013-03-24_0352013-03-24_0022013-03-24_0392013-03-24_0372013-03-24_0382013-03-24_0362013-03-24_0072013-03-24_0082013-03-24_011A beautiful drive up the Sierra de Crevillente to Hondon de los Frailes for a spot of lunch and a glass of rioja before heading into Elche as the weather took a little change. 2013-03-24_0122013-03-24_0092013-03-24_013Thanks for stopping by.  Part 2, 3 & 4 will be published over this holiday weekend.  So I wish a Happy Easter weekend to all those who celebrate it, Jacqui x



2 thoughts on “Sun’s up in Spain – Part 1

  1. …these are just stunning photographs Jacqui… you certainly made the most of your week. x

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