Spain’s coastal roads, crops and windmills – Part 2

So it was time to head southwards following the coastal road.  It was a day of blue skies, fluffy clouds, no map and my Spanish seriously negligible but with a beautiful brand new Seat Ibiza as my mode of transport and a sense of adventure within what could be better?   I sauntered down the road soaking up the pretty coastline before stopping in on Los Alcazares.  And I am glad that I did.  What a quaint little place.

I wandered along the boardwalk, taking note of the reconstruction of the beach (the digger was a bit of a give away :) and through the streets and alleyways then headed to the Marina for a spot of lunch.   2013-03-24_0152013-03-24_0142013-03-24_0162013-03-24_0182013-03-24_017

I headed inland a little to explore the agricultural lands but especially the old windmills.  Old relics basking in the sun and really quite beautiful to photograph.  I came across one or two rather, how shall we say it…LARGE guard dogs in the process!  And all of a sandy coloured variety which helped them BLEND with their surroundings naturally!!!  Note to self…scarey dogs make for a fast heart rate!2013-03-24_0232013-03-24_0962013-03-24_0222013-03-24_0212013-03-24_0252013-03-24_020

and the Valencian region is famous for it’s oranges and lemons and I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of them.  They add such colour to the landscape and such juiciness to your breakfast bowl or zing to your g&t :)2013-03-24_0402013-03-24_0432013-03-24_0412013-03-24_045

And another beautiful little find was La Union where I climbed to the highest point alongside the railway to get these shots.  2013-03-24_019So there you have it, that’s part 2.   Part 3 coming in the morning and it’s all about the walled city of Cartagena, it’s marine archaeology, museums and around it’s docks. Whilst part 4 takes us up to the heights of the city and back in time.  Ah, I love blogging :)  Until then, have a lovely evening wherever you are whatever you are doing! It’s g&t time here.  Jacqui x


3 thoughts on “Spain’s coastal roads, crops and windmills – Part 2

  1. ….phew Jacqui… there’s more? One can practically smell the oranges & lemons… salivary glands now on overtime! Impressive shots yet again. x

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