As the sun sets – Part 4

Wandering through the winding streets I am astounded by some of the amazing art in the form of graffiti art. It’s a real stunning feature in both Cartagena and the wider regions. There are so many notable ones (I have added a few below) however I loved the colours of this one and felt it was a great way to introduce you to some of the Roman influence that is clear in this sparkling city.2013-03-24_0672013-03-24_0612013-03-24_0632013-03-24_0642013-03-24_0312013-03-24_0692013-03-24_068As I headed down from the castle I came across this “fail because although I love” and I thought it somehow poignant that it was next to a destroyed building with signage for Doctor Martinez. I am sure there is a story in there, but it is amazing what you just come across when you are wandering and looking.2013-03-24_030

What an incredible art form making the streets even more interesting. It almost tempts me to have another tattoo :)2013-03-24_070

But this might have to be one of my favourite finds in this city! 2013-03-24_0742013-03-24_0722013-03-24_073

And of course if you know me, you will know that I am always interested in both a countries politics and their history. I read myself writing that and am still surprised that I am! But I do have a fascination with stories so maybe it’s not so surprising? Well most of us will have some awareness of the Spanish Civil War. During this time, people found shelter in the air raid shelters carved from the mountain that the Castle of La Conception resides upon. It has since been turned into a museum and as the sun still had a couple of hours before sundown I knew it was going to be worth a visit. It reminded me greatly of school projects about the World Wars and the stories that my dad would tell us about being a child during the 2nd world war.

People really are amazing to have lived in community in such spaces! 2013-03-24_0842013-03-24_0852013-03-24_0892013-03-24_0872013-03-24_0862013-03-24_088Powerful, moving and a stark reminder of another country’s history when ravaged by war. Coming out into the light it was almost time for the setting sun and my ending time in this wondrous place. I was keen to see the naval base so took a drive along it’s fence line and wasn’t disappointed as I found the perfect spot for sunset. And of course I was never far away from some more art. 2013-03-24_0522013-03-24_0492013-03-24_0512013-03-24_0532013-03-24_0552013-03-24_0502013-03-24_048And just as the sun rises so too does it set. And during my week I was lucky enough to catch some truly spectacular sunrises and sunsets but everything in between was quite enlightening too. What a great start to exploring this great country and what a way to go out than underneath the most beautiful full moon. Spring is in the air! 2013-03-24_047So there it is, my week in Spain. It was certainly an adventure. Thanks for joining me on this visual tour and as always feel free to let me know what you think. Until the next time, Jacqui x


2 thoughts on “As the sun sets – Part 4

  1. ….such poignant images towards the end of a wonderful ‘4-parter’ visual tour. Thank you Jacqui.

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