Hello world…a precious gift…a baby girl!

In December last year I had the incredible privilege of meeting the newest edition to Robert and Annette’s life and family. Rachael Elizabeth was born on the 15th of November and weighing in at just 4lb and 4oz she was the tiniest baby I have ever seen (or photographed for that matter :)  I was over the moon to be asked to take some newborn shots of Rachael and her mummy and daddy.  Now that Gran’s Beth and Lilian have their Mother’s Day photo albums I am delighted to be able to share a tiny selection of the images with you.  The first few shots are taken when Rachael was 4 weeks old and the latter ones at 10 weeks old.

You know what?  As a photographer I often feel that I am the luckiest woman alive.  To do something that I absolutely love and to be trusted to capture people’s stories and precious moments in time.   I hope I never stop appreciating that!  Annette and Robert, what an absolute joy to be with you!  Thank you and I look forward to our next session coming up soon.2013-04-05_0012013-04-05_0022013-04-05_0032013-04-05_0092013-04-05_0062013-04-05_0082013-04-05_0122013-04-05_0072013-04-05_0112013-04-05_0052013-04-05_004If you would like to commission me for a newborn, family or portrait session then please do get in touch with me at jacqui@jacquidunbar.com or call me on 07763 067499.  Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Hello world…a precious gift…a baby girl!

  1. Isn’t Rachael a wee poppet? & so beautifully captured by yourself.
    The family portraits gave me such a warm feeling.

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