A Birthday Adventure in Storybook Glen

A couple of weeks ago Anne, Simon and I headed off to the writer’s cottage in Stonehaven for a few days.  It was an opportunity to meet up with Elizabeth, for Anne to do a bit of writing for her PHD, for me to give my new Canon 5D3 another whirl and for Simon to have some good fun (and lashings of chocolate ice-cream!)

Each year I wonder what to get the kids in my life for their birthdays….and I am always drawn to gifting them with an ‘experience’ rather than a present, as usually they have most things that they want or need (which makes them pretty lucky in my book!)  So this year was not exception for little Simon who is turning a grand big 3.

In all the years I lived in Angus, people used to say “Have you been to Storybook Glen?” and my answer was always a resounding “no.”  I was always a bit intrigued as to what it was!  Well here’s it’s description…

Storybook Glen is a magical world of make-believe and fun for children (and adults) of all ages, set amidst 28 acres of spectacular scenic beauty on Royal Deeside.

See more than 100 of your favourite nursery rhyme and fairytale characters. Enjoy exquisite flowers and plants, majestic trees, secret waterfalls, exotic animals and fairytale houses and eat at the self-service restaurant which offers healthy food.

So as the son of an author with a insatiable passion for books himself, it seemed like the perfect birthday experience for my amazing little flat mate!  So here’s a little photographic tour of a rather special little boy, his mummy and a pretty spectacular place.  If you are looking for a great day out with kids…we can ‘highly’ recommend Storybook Glen!

And in the spontaneous words of the wee man “Mummy and Momo, thank you for a lovely trip!”  – Okay, okay….everyone always wants to know why I am called Momo (and no I am not a Nepalese meal!).  So here’s the answer.  When I moved in with Anne and Simon 18 months ago the little man was very much still a little baby, he took his first steps in front of me and has uttered his first words.  So as he explored his command of the English language he came up with the word ‘Momo’ for everything that he couldn’t pronounce….apples, blueberries, orange, water, paper, pens, whatever really…and yes…Jacqui.  He couldn’t say that either…well it’s a pretty hard one.   But the words came for everything except one thing.  Me.  I remained Momo…even when you now ask him, what’s Momo’s name and he will smile wryly and say “Dackie…Momo”  So there it is, the reason why, and you know what….I like it!

Oh Oh, gotta dash as the door bell as just wrang, and there’s a 52 inch inflatable walking Mickey Mouse arrived for a very special little birthday boy.  Happy Birthday wee man, you and your mummy are the best (ok the only!) housemates ever!

Love, My Momo xxx

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4 thoughts on “A Birthday Adventure in Storybook Glen

  1. Momo I would love to meet you because I see you love someone that is precious to me and that makes me very happy, I’m glad that Simon had such a beautiful present from you and that Anne made it perfect because she was every step of the way with him. Grani Veronica xxxxxx

    • Hello Grani Veronica and thank you for your kind words. Yes he is a really precious little boy and we are all very lucky to know and love him. Sometimes I look at him and see Jose Cornelius looking right back at me :) I look forward to meeting you someday too, be it in Washington or Nicaragua. It looks like you had a marvellous time when Anne and Simon visited in June. Best wishes, Jacqui xxx

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