If you go down to the woods today…

…you’re in for a cute surprise!  Well  today is my blog’s 2nd birthday and I wasn’t quite sure what I would post about as it’s been a busy summer and there is still lots to share with you here.  However I do love the outdoors, natural light and reminiscing about the summer months as the leaves show hints of turning.  So I opted to show off a few more of the family photo shoot with Anna, Allan and Claire a couple of months ago.  It was such a fun filled day and Anna was in great form.   I think we are all pretty happy with the resulting images.  Thanks again to Jadie at In My Fairy Garden for providing the beautiful fairy head-dress that Anna  is wearing…it fitted perfectly with the shoot :)

Ooh, and just to add to the birthday celebrations I have updated my logo and branding, so here’s to launching that too!!  As always, feel free to let me know what you think.


For those of you who know Claire, you might know that she has a love of Italian born photographer Oscar Mazaroli’s “Golden Haired Lass‘ image taken in the Gorbals in 1964.   We discovered our shared appreciation for this amazing photographer over 10 years ago when we were working together in Stirling.  So on route to Lenzie I called and said, put Anna’s wellies in the car!  I had a crazy idea that I could try and re-create Anna’s very own version of this classic.  So here is just one of them…I think I got pretty close with one of the others however that is now adorning Claire and Allan’s walls as a fine art print!


And finally I will leave you with this, one of my favourite images from our day!  I just love little Anna’s zest for life and attitude!  She rocked it out all day…thanks for the fun precious girl xxx


Now I think it’s time for cake?  Love Jacqui x


4 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today…

  1. ….your images just get better Jacqui… fantastic use of light and shade. The bonny wee Anna was an asset, eh?

  2. Very pretty photography, thank you for adding the fairy flower hairband I made in your pics and Anna how cute is she. I also love working with children you never know what they may bring to the occassion. Loving your work it looks so natural.

    • Thanks Jadie, it was such a lovely photoshoot and the light was beautiful! Your fairy flower hairband is such a great prop for these type of shoots – I think I may need to invest in another couple xx

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