Introducing Kris & Debbie

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending time with Kris and Debbie for their pre-wedding photoshoot.  We met mid-morning in Waverley Station and I set them to work right away with a few interesting shots in and around the station..they were great sports and we had a lot of fun, even during those first moments of the shoot.  Our first stop was Costa coffee overlooking the Castle, where we had a drink and a chat about their wedding day.  It sounds absolutely beautiful!!!  From there we meandered over to the Grassmarket (stopping for some shots around the Gallery  – whilst I dodged the traffic ;)  Then we headed to Under the Stairs for a delicious celebratory lunch before heading back to the station.

Kris and Debbie it was fantastic to spend time with you both and I am over the moon to be photographing you special day.  So here’s our little walk around the city.  I hope you enjoyed your trip to Edinburgh and I look forward to seeing you both on the 7th of September, Jacqui x2014-04-20_0032014-04-20_0042014-04-20_0082014-04-20_0272014-04-20_0202014-04-20_0142014-04-20_0292014-04-20_0212014-04-20_0302014-04-20_0312014-04-20_0322014-04-20_0242014-04-20_0222014-04-20_0102014-04-20_0332014-04-20_0262014-04-20_0352014-04-20_0342014-04-20_0282014-04-20_006


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