I went shopping…and came home with a Fujifilm X-Pro 1

Yesterday I went shopping…and I came home with my latest photographic baby…the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 with 18mm f/2 lens.  There’s a good reason for it.   My Canon 5D3 is my main camera (or at least it has been!) however I always have a back up with me in case of any major technical malfunctions during commissioned work!  A few weeks ago my back up camera gave up the ghost and was going to cost a few hundreds pounds to get fixed.  I’m covering an International Conference next week and I really needed to get a back up sorted out.  So I had been toying with the idea that one of these gorgeous, classicly designed cameras might fit the bill and would possibly even change the way I approach my photography.

I’ll be honest, I’ve had my eye on the Fujifilm’s pro cameras for a while now as I have seen some outstanding images from some of my photographic colleagues using these beautiful cameras.  So after a bit of thought I took the plunge back into the cropped sensor world and a whole new system to learn…again!!!  I need to give a big vote of thanks to David at Jessops in Glasgow who took me through the camera in a bit of detail as it’s a bit like learning a new language.   But I couldn’t wait to get home and get it to work!  It took me a couple of hours to get the firmware etc updated on it this morning so I headed out the back door late afternoon to my favourite spot!

I love walking along the canal. I love it’s colour & vibrance, the contrast of it’s city location and within minutes you feel like you’re in the countryside and it’s ever changing landscape due to it’s constant journey of regeneration.  One of these days I’m going to live in a canal boat…but until then I’ll be happy to explore it with my new camera.  Here’s what I was seeing through my lens today.  I can safely say I’m pretty much in love with the X-Pro 1 already :)

2014-05-12_001 2014-05-12_002 2014-05-12_003 2014-05-12_004 2014-05-12_005 2014-05-12_006 2014-05-12_007 2014-05-12_008 2014-05-12_009 2014-05-12_010 2014-05-12_0212014-05-12_011 2014-05-12_012 2014-05-12_013 2014-05-12_014 2014-05-12_0222014-05-12_015 2014-05-12_016 2014-05-12_017 2014-05-12_0192014-05-12_018      2014-05-12_024


6 thoughts on “I went shopping…and came home with a Fujifilm X-Pro 1

    • Hey JD, I’m absolutely loving the XPro-1 but it’s taking a wee bit of getting used to from the Canon. But I’m liking it very much. Did you shot those beach scenes in Ayr on the x100? They are cracking shots!

      • Aha – no the beach shots were done with my 5Dmk3 and my new Lee Big Stopper filter.. :o) Just experimenting with the ND filter, trying to get flat water and smokey clouds….. I use the Fuji as my “street shooter” its fairly incognito, and looks totes amazballs! I got a Gordy’s leather strap for it…just for fun… or vanity…

  1. ….these are tremendous. I especially love the reflection at the Leamington lift. What a find with the barge called ‘Kelpie’.

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