Jacobites, Trains, Birthdays and Bunk Beds!

This time last week my sister, dad and I had just returned from a couple of days away.  You see it was my dad’s 75th birthday in April and I decided to get him something a little different from his usual malt whisky, golf balls or Hotel Chocolats!  I knew he’d always fancied taking a […]

If you go down to the woods today…

…you’re in for a cute surprise!  Well  today is my blog’s 2nd birthday and I wasn’t quite sure what I would post about as it’s been a busy summer and there is still lots to share with you here.  However I do love the outdoors, natural light and reminiscing about the summer months as the leaves […]

Meet Tom…Big Tam…TD…Papa…Our Dad!

Welcome to another personal blog post on this gorgeous sunny Sunday in June.  It couldn’t really be anything else today as it’s Father’s Day.  I am not really one for celebrating these media hyped commercialised ‘special days.’   Like many of us, I think it’s more important to celebrate and show appreciation to the people […]