The ever changing skies of Islay

Islay…where does a girl start…possibly somewhere between a whisky tour (it has to be Bruichladdich given my love of their astounding gin – The Botanist!) and a pint of prawns & scones down by the harbour in my favourite village of Portnahaven! So last week was my 2nd ever visit to this little piece of […]

In Memory of Nicole Makena Stewart and the mountain we climbed!

Today I woke up and mosied into my day after my hot lemon & apple cider vinegar drink and personal yoga practice.  I had quite a lot to do today as I am heading off to the lakes in the morning again for a Styled Photoshoot, so I was ready to tackle the to-do list […]

Personal Post…A wander down the waterway

Ahem…February….what, sorry did I miss something??? Like a whole month! I am sure it’s an age thing! Well it’s a year ago this weekend that I officially moved to Edinburgh, what a magical milestone! It’s been a full on year and I have never looked back on my move. So here’s a little post to […]