The Isle of May – This time we landed!

Back in June 2012 I took my first ever boat trip to explore the Isle of May, a national nature reserve which is also known as ‘The Jewel of the Forth’.  Well that was my intention anyway!  I had boarded the May Princess on a very overcast day and the skipper had warned that the sea may be a bit choppy.  That might have been a tad of an understatement!!  We got to the mouth of the landing jetty and the photograph below shows you what we were met with.  Crashing aqua waves that would make for an impossible landing.  So this is as close as I was to come on my first visit.  I was so disappointed…  2014-06-28_033Forward almost 2 years to the day and on Thursday the 19th of June I made my 2nd attempt to visit the Isle of May.  I called the night before and booked myself one of the few remaining tickets for the 11.15am sailing.  After an early start leaving Edinburgh with a 2.5 hour bus journey to Anstruther I arrived just in time to board.  Things were looking altogether more promising for this trip – note some of the blue sky this time!  We were off, myself and 98 other explorers/bird enthusiasts.2014-06-28_001This time we did land and after a quick introduction from the research staff on the island we were given the freedom to roam with care.  The first hazard was to walk through the colony of nesting arctic terns who work tirelessly and noisily to protect their eggs/young.  They do this by dive bombing and hitting you on the head with their feet or razor sharp beaks whilst making a furious sharp shrilling sound.  Hat’s are a necessity and I quickly realised that there was safety in numbers.  We made it to the other side of the colony with no major incident for the birds or us.  2014-06-28_029New to the island for 2014 is a visitor centre but I confess I walked straight on past it and powered on up the hill towards Robert Stevenson’s Lighthouse and away from the other 98 people!  I had a few moments of panic as I turned round to see no-one was following my lead.  I assumed I was going off in the wrong direction but decided to carry on and see what I would find.  And that was turned out to be a good choice, and one I’m not disappointed with.  Here’s what my eyes were able to feast upon…sometimes it pays to head off away from the crowds :) 2014-06-28_026Below you can see the remaining foundations of the original fire beacon which was replaced by the Stevenson lighthouse in 1816.  And this little puffin to the right stands proud on the walls of the Low Light Lighthouse which is a seabird observatory and incidentally you can stay there too.  You can find further details here.  Further on I decided to take the advice of the wardens on the island and just sit down and experience these majestical little creatures in flight.  It’s impossible to explain in words – or even photographs what it’s like to be surrounded by thousands of puffins flying around you and just going about their business.  It was utterly fantastic.  And I was alone.  Not one solitary other soul passed for at least an hour!

2014-06-28_0242014-06-28_0282014-06-28_0222014-06-28_031As a few other people headed in the general direction I decided to head to the south part of the island and explore some of the rocky outcrops.  It just kept getting better and better!2014-06-28_0212014-06-28_0202014-06-28_0162014-06-28_0182014-06-28_0192014-06-28_014

I had to keep reminding myself that there were a quarter of a million sea birds inhabiting the island and it’s NOT ALL ABOUT THE PUFFINS!  Razorbills, guillemots, shags, fulmars and kittiwakes – they were all there and quite beautiful too.

2014-06-28_0122014-06-28_0072014-06-28_015But you know, there’s nothing like those little puffins.  I was watching ‘Alison Steadman’s Shetland’ the other night (thanks for the recommendation Maz ;) and I discovered that puffins only ‘grow’ their colourful beaks for the mating season.  “Like putting on our lipstick” she said!   That’s ever so cute, who knew?  But let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to see amazing photographs of these little dudes, especially with their little beaks full of sand eels?!!  2014-06-28_011

Yip, just like this…. :)2014-06-28_0102014-06-28_008

So with every morsel of my senses truly indulged after 3.5 hours it was time to wander through the arctic tern colony and back onto the May Princess and for the return to Anstruther and to city life.  2014-06-28_0062014-06-28_0022014-06-28_004

Taking a final tour around the South of the Island where we got fantastic views of the seabird covered rock stacks and the resident grey seals colony too.  Wow, wow, wow.  What an immense way to spend a day!  After disembarking the May Princess I had hoped to have a fish ‘n’ chips at the harbour but there was a bus due and they’re only every hour, so I forwent being attacked by seagulls and headed on home instead :)   I really wanted to see the images on the big screen anyway.

I’d highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area.  It’s nothing short of spectacular.  I’m left wondering when I will be going back… Jacqui x2014-06-28_005


I went shopping…and came home with a Fujifilm X-Pro 1

Yesterday I went shopping…and I came home with my latest photographic baby…the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 with 18mm f/2 lens.  There’s a good reason for it.   My Canon 5D3 is my main camera (or at least it has been!) however I always have a back up with me in case of any major technical malfunctions during commissioned work!  A few weeks ago my back up camera gave up the ghost and was going to cost a few hundreds pounds to get fixed.  I’m covering an International Conference next week and I really needed to get a back up sorted out.  So I had been toying with the idea that one of these gorgeous, classicly designed cameras might fit the bill and would possibly even change the way I approach my photography.

I’ll be honest, I’ve had my eye on the Fujifilm’s pro cameras for a while now as I have seen some outstanding images from some of my photographic colleagues using these beautiful cameras.  So after a bit of thought I took the plunge back into the cropped sensor world and a whole new system to learn…again!!!  I need to give a big vote of thanks to David at Jessops in Glasgow who took me through the camera in a bit of detail as it’s a bit like learning a new language.   But I couldn’t wait to get home and get it to work!  It took me a couple of hours to get the firmware etc updated on it this morning so I headed out the back door late afternoon to my favourite spot!

I love walking along the canal. I love it’s colour & vibrance, the contrast of it’s city location and within minutes you feel like you’re in the countryside and it’s ever changing landscape due to it’s constant journey of regeneration.  One of these days I’m going to live in a canal boat…but until then I’ll be happy to explore it with my new camera.  Here’s what I was seeing through my lens today.  I can safely say I’m pretty much in love with the X-Pro 1 already :)

2014-05-12_001 2014-05-12_002 2014-05-12_003 2014-05-12_004 2014-05-12_005 2014-05-12_006 2014-05-12_007 2014-05-12_008 2014-05-12_009 2014-05-12_010 2014-05-12_0212014-05-12_011 2014-05-12_012 2014-05-12_013 2014-05-12_014 2014-05-12_0222014-05-12_015 2014-05-12_016 2014-05-12_017 2014-05-12_0192014-05-12_018      2014-05-12_024

Introducing Kris & Debbie

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending time with Kris and Debbie for their pre-wedding photoshoot.  We met mid-morning in Waverley Station and I set them to work right away with a few interesting shots in and around the station..they were great sports and we had a lot of fun, even during those first moments of the shoot.  Our first stop was Costa coffee overlooking the Castle, where we had a drink and a chat about their wedding day.  It sounds absolutely beautiful!!!  From there we meandered over to the Grassmarket (stopping for some shots around the Gallery  – whilst I dodged the traffic ;)  Then we headed to Under the Stairs for a delicious celebratory lunch before heading back to the station.

Kris and Debbie it was fantastic to spend time with you both and I am over the moon to be photographing you special day.  So here’s our little walk around the city.  I hope you enjoyed your trip to Edinburgh and I look forward to seeing you both on the 7th of September, Jacqui x2014-04-20_0032014-04-20_0042014-04-20_0082014-04-20_0272014-04-20_0202014-04-20_0142014-04-20_0292014-04-20_0212014-04-20_0302014-04-20_0312014-04-20_0322014-04-20_0242014-04-20_0222014-04-20_0102014-04-20_0332014-04-20_0262014-04-20_0352014-04-20_0342014-04-20_0282014-04-20_006