Iceland – a weekend tour of the South Western tip

It’s the 1st of February and I’ve already had my first adventure of 2015 (and there’s sure to be lots more!).  So take 1 good friend, 1 amazing package deal to Iceland, 1 Fuji X-Pro1, 1 x 18mm lens and 1 tripod and we are set for a trip that’s been on my list for […]

A Birthday Adventure in Storybook Glen

A couple of weeks ago Anne, Simon and I headed off to the writer’s cottage in Stonehaven for a few days.  It was an opportunity to meet up with Elizabeth, for Anne to do a bit of writing for her PHD, for me to give my new Canon 5D3 another whirl and for Simon to […]

Spain’s coastal roads, crops and windmills – Part 2

So it was time to head southwards following the coastal road.  It was a day of blue skies, fluffy clouds, no map and my Spanish seriously negligible but with a beautiful brand new Seat Ibiza as my mode of transport and a sense of adventure within what could be better?   I sauntered down the […]