Islay Revisited!

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many of you….but I LOVE being on the road…travelling, often solo…just me and my camera.  Last weekend I took another short hop and a skip back over to Islay to spend some time with friends Lorna and Karl before the hosteling season comes to an end.  I […]

Lee’s Tour De Force Finale in Paris

Well it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day… This blog post was written in advance of my previous post which was a tribute to an amazing young woman called Nicole.  In light of the circumstances that seen me publishing the last post it felt right to postpone this one (another blog post that is […]

In Memory of Nicole Makena Stewart and the mountain we climbed!

Today I woke up and mosied into my day after my hot lemon & apple cider vinegar drink and personal yoga practice.  I had quite a lot to do today as I am heading off to the lakes in the morning again for a Styled Photoshoot, so I was ready to tackle the to-do list […]